How a chiropractor can help tendinitis?

Tendonitis refers to the inflammation of tendons, the important connectors between muscles and bones. Tendons are both tough and flexible, but when they are strained too far or too suddenly, they can become damaged, creating painful inflammation. This is common among sports injuries like "tennis elbow" and tends to affect the shoulders, arms and knees most frequently.

For tendonitis, rest and recovery is particular important. Here at Kelley Spine & Sport we can help advise you how to move and what exercises can help restore mobility without causing further damage. Our chiropractor can also use soft tissue manual therapy, dry needling and rehabilitative exercises to help break down scar tissue and encourage blood flow to help speed up the healing process. Stiff muscles surrounding the tendon may also develop painful trigger points and scar tissue: Chiropractors can find these points and help stretch the muscles so the pain is diminished.

In particularly complicated or painful tendinitis situations, a chiropractor may advise you to receive steroid injections or further imaging if necessary. 

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