Shoulder Pain

How a Chiropractor Can Help Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be caused by a number of different injuries, including tendonitis, bursitis, and rotator cuff injuries. This common injury has a particularly large number of treatment options. Sometimes shoulder pain may be caused by cervical spine issues or shoulder muscle issues: Our Independence, KS chiropractor is well suited to deal with these issues by providing adjustments to the neck and shoulder regions while instructing patients on rehabilitative exercises, which can greatly reduce pain when paired together.

Due to the constant use of shoulder use, shoulder injuries need plenty of time to heal.  Chiropractors will work on a plan to restrict certain movements and start  therapy to restore proper motion. In these cases, consulting a chiropractor can help you find out what types of movement to avoid for the time being, how to effectively reduce pain, and how to prevent the problem from happening in the future. Without these important steps, shoulder injuries can last for years.

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