Neck Pain

How a Chiropractor Can Help Neck Pain

Neck pain can be particularly interfering in your daily life, especially if it's severe pain or restricts your movement. Neck pain can also have many different causes, from sports injuries to poor posture. That means that a chiropractor may spend some time diagnosing the cause of the pain and exploring exactly where the pain is originating.

Spinal manipulation can help patients treat cervical (vertebrae in the neck) conditions by reducing pressure, encouraging properly alignment, and preventing further damage to the nerves in this area of the spine. For more serious injuries, a chiropractor may refer for imaging before treatment. Chiropractors are very careful when dealing with neck injuries to avoid any further damage.

Neck pain treatments also frequently involve whole-body care, and the chiropractor may address diet, sleep issues, lifestyle habits, and much more to help create an effective treatment plan that prevents recurrence of neck pain.

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