What does a chiropractor specialize in?

As a Licensed chiropractor, Dr. Kelley specializes in joint mobility especially spinal alignment. Many chiropractors expand their specialty to include a variety of treatments for the full musculoskeletal system. He has done this by combining adjustments, with functional therapy, and soft tissue manual treatments to help reduce pain, encourage recovery, and treat common issues from back pain to ankle sprains.

The "adjustments" and "manipulation" that chiropractors do to the spine and related areas focus on promoting healthy joint mobility. When your spine becomes restricted in motion through an accident or daily routines, it can put pressure on surrounding nerves, which can cause pain throughout your body especially in the arms and legs. Chiropractors work to pinpoint the causes of such pain and offer simple relief without using drugs or other expensive treatments.

If you are suffering from pain, especially pain in your neck, back, legs, arms or shoulders, a chiropractor can help you form a plan to reduce that pain involving the proper diet, exercise, and ergonomics. If you aren't sure what a chiropractor would do for your condition, just ask! Dr.Kelley will take the time to explain your ailment and the treatment/ services that he can provide.


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