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What does a chiropractic visit Look Like with us?

When you first meet with our licensed Independence, KS chiropractor, expect a detailed examination. The chiropractor will discuss all your symptoms, when they started, and what your particular goals are. The chiropractor will then do a brief physical examination to explore exactly how and when you are feeling pain The chiropractor will be checking for all sorts of information in the exam, including symptoms, muscle strength, nerve reaction, range of motion, and more.

This first chiropractic session will provide enough information to draw up a plan of care, which may involve several different kinds of treatment. Our typical treatment includes adjustments of the painful area paired with soft tissue therapy and rehab exercises to progress the exercise quicker. 

If you have any questions about the chiropractor's experience, approach to healing, or any other issue, make sure to ask them up front before your session begins so that you may feel as comfortable as possible. 

Independence, KS chiropractor Bret Kelley, DC 

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independence kansas chiropractor bret kelley

Independence Kansas chiropractor Bret Kelley